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Action Proposal project for Geography 316 at Capilano University

October 9th

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Well, i walked home from school yesterday.  It took longer than usual but i had a couple of stops.  One at a plant nursery in north van where i scouted out some new berry plants that we are going to add to the garden.  Now i am just waiting for their fall sale (sometime in mid October).   I am hoping to get a couple saskatoon berry bushes, a red currant, possibly a huckleberry and finally another variety of haskap (honeyberry) in order to pollinate the variety that we currently have.  Planting those may just be a part of our food gardening adventures this month.


We also need to plant our garlic for next summers harvest.  WE are not entirely sure where to put it.  We have a share in a CSA (community shared agriculture) that our friends farm in Surrey, and the garlic that we get from them are huge and delicious compared to the ones we have grown the last couple of years.   So, i called my friend Paul and asked him what secret tips he has for growing garlic.  He recommended a book and mentioned that garlic likes really healthy soil full of lots of compost, lots of sun, and that in the spring he often gives his some fish fertilizer.  This summer Emily (my wife) and I picked up different heads of organic garlic from different towns between Vancouver and Edmonton, where we were visiting family.   We picked out the biggest best looking heads we could find.  Most of them are of the “red Russian” variety.  We hope to plant them this month as well.  (wow this gardening list is getting long….)  the difficulty is finding a good space to grow them.  Right now i am leaning to building small garden boxes on the boulevard and planting them out there.  It gets good sun.  It wouldn’t cost too much to build them; some 2×6’s or 2x8s and a 20$ load of dirt from the city transfer station.  We are legally allowed to do so as long as they are within a certain dimension and location.


This morning i also walked to school.  Walking in regular running shoes and without a raincoat is much nicer.  The sunrise was gorgeous.  I like being up early in the morning to see that.  As the sun comes up it really feels natural to get up and go yourself.  Unfortunately i left a couple minutes too late and had to take the bus up the hill from phibbs exchange in order to make it to class on time.   Early in the morning more people say hello to you.  It’s kinda nice.

back to studying – mid term coming up later today.


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